11 offline side hustle ideas that don’t take a lot of time

We’ve all been there – that moment you realise that you are running short on cash and will need to do something to make ends meet. The easy option would be to take out a quick loan, however, the whole point of this is to get out of debt, not dig ourselves deeper!

Sometimes you just need to get creative and use the old noggin’ to think of some ways to make more money. I’ve done some thinking for you and have a few great ideas to help you out – read on if you would like to discover 11 of my personal favourite offline side hustle ideas that will get you out in the real world to make a few bucks, without having to spend too much time on each. These are the type of gigs where you will not need to have an active internet connection or spend all your time in front of a screen.

Lawn mowing side hustle

1. Mow The Neighbour’s Lawn

Mowing lawns can take some time depending on the size of the property, but the effort is usually what causes people to avoid this activity. The problem is, professional gardening services can certainly cost a lot of money. This is where you come in – why not tell your neighbours that you will mow their lawn at a more affordable rate. There is really no need to spend thousands on new equipment – if you have a lawnmower in the garage, then you are ready to go. Do not limit your search to your neighbours only – print a few flyers and then distribute them throughout your entire neighbourhood. You could do some research beforehand as well – make sure you can offer your services at a lower rate as competitor gardening services in your area.

I know my parents pay a local guy to come around every fortnight to do theirs and they pay him $30 a visit. If you can get around 8 customers on a fortnightly routine, you could do 4 each weekend. I think it could be quite easy to bring in an additional $500 a month.

Babysitting side hustle

2. Offer To Babysit

If you like being around children of any age, then babysitting should definitely be an option on your list. Many families have babies or young children – and the parents might want to have a night or two to themselves sometimes. You can make this a reality for them by offering your services as a babysitter. Be sure that you understand what it takes to look after children, however. Try to be professional, but still fun so that the client will see that you will be able to keep their children safe yet entertained while they are away. If this is an option you are thinking about, be sure to take any instructions provided by the parents into account.

This is one of Karina’s side hustles as she is a child educator and often has parents approach her to see if she is available for a few hours of a weekend to babysit their children. An extra $50 a weekend definitely adds up!

There are services like www.findababysitter.com.au where you can also search for babysitting jobs in your area.

Tutoring side hustle

3. Tutoring Services

Those of you who are exceptionally good in a specific subject, such as mathematics or perhaps even a specific language that is popular in your area, could consider offering your services as a tutor to parents in the neighbourhood who do not have the time to help their children with their homework – or the knowledge to help get their children to pass their grade.

For this one, you should have excellent skills in a particular subject – if you passed with high marks in school, you could always use your most recent results as proof of your skills.

Uber side hustle

4. Become An Uber Driver

Even though the Uber app was originally very restricted in the availability, the app quickly spread – and you can surely make use of this app if you are in need of some extra cash. With Uber, you will need to fit their requirements such as having an appropriate car with a valid driver’s license, view their full requirements.

Simply head over to the “Become a Driver” section on the Uber website, fill out the form (be honest in all of the fields and answer all of the questions). Wait for your application to be processed and start offering your services once approved as an Uber driver. This would be perfect for people who have Friday & Saturday nights free as their would be a lot of people looking to get home after a night out clubbing.

Computer repair side hustle

5. Computer Repair Services

Are you skilled in the IT department and know a computer inside-out? Then why not consider offering your services as a computer repair specialist. There are most likely a lot of older people in your area that have a computer at home – and when they run into problems with their computers, they will often need to spend hundreds of dollars to get them fixed. This can be inconvenient for them, but convenient for you. Start promoting your services at reduced rates to beat the competition.

You could check out Airtasker to see if there is anyone around your area looking for this service.

Dog walking side hustle

6. Dog Walking Services

If you love dogs, then why not consider putting your love for these animals to use in such a way to gain profit from it? Many people in your neighbourhood have dogs – that is surely not something new to you. Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy, but many dog owners do not have the time to take their dogs on long walks. Start offering your services to these people – tell the dog owners that you will walk their dogs for a small fee. This will not only bring you profits but it’s also a great way to keep you fit as well.

Visit websites like pawshake.com.au or madpaws.com.au to find dog walking opportunities in your area.

Real estate agent side hustle

7. Become A Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Real estate has a lot of opportunities and there is quite a lot of money to be made in this industry – a single sale can sometimes land you thousands in commission. This one may take some time to initially get involved with as some states require a real estate license first.

The key here is to ensure you are good at working with clients – you will need to meet up with clients, take a good look at their home, and then be able to present the home to other people who might be interested in renting the house or perhaps making a purchase.

Bike repair side hustle

8. Bicycle Repair Services

There are a heap of people in my area that ride bicycles – whether it is to school, to work, or as a way of gaining some exercise. The only problem is, when a bicycle breaks down, they often have to spend a lot of money to take it in for repairs. If you are handy with the tools, have some garage space and have some experience in working with bicycles and know how to fix the most common problems, then you can start offering your services as a bicycle repairman (or woman) in your local area.

To add value here, I would offer to pick up the bike from the customer as we all know how busy life can get. Again, hand out flyers so that people know how and where to find you if their bike decides to break down.

House sitting side hustle

9. House Sitting Services

House sitting and babysitting do have some things in common – but with housesitting, there are no children to deal with. This is a benefit for many people. This type of service is also becoming more popular these days. Perhaps a family decides to take a vacation and do not want to leave their house empty while they are away. They might have dogs that need to be fed, along with a fish or two. When you offer your services as a house sitter, you will need to pay careful attention to any particular instructions provided to you, after all thats the whole reason they are looking for a house sitter.

It’s worth noting that it’s common nowadays for people to offer free accommodation to housesit instead of paying cash, so it’s likely that this type of job to housesit or maintain the house will arise from talking to friends and family and getting the word out there that you are willing to offer this type of service.

Pizza delivery side hustle

10. Pizza Delivery

While not the most exciting part-time job of all, pizza delivery can offer you a way to make some extra cash – along with some useful tips – on the side. Not all local pizza services will take in temps to deliver their pizza, so you might have to call around a bit or visit multiple pizza shops, but there are usually openings for new drivers who can help to deliver pizzas to customers faster.

Depending on your location, some pizza companies are now offering delivery using their own electric bikes, so you may not even need your own transport to do this.

Rent out a spare room side hustle

11. Rent Out A Spare Room With Airbnb

Airbnb has grown significantly over the last few years, and many people are now able to get some extra money paid into their bank account at the end of the month thanks to this innovation. With Airbnb, if you own your own home, you can easily list an extra room or a granny flat and be paid on a per-night basis.

Kick things up a gear and offer your guests breakfast for an additional fee – leading to more money in your pocket at the end of the day. This is definitely something i’ll be doing as soon as I am a homeowner.

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Final words

Making money in the real world is certainly possible, you just have to think outside the box and go to that extra level where many people are not willing to go.

Every one of the offline side hustle ideas that I have shared with you here is useful in creating an additional income for yourself – plus, there is no need to quit your current job to do them, as you are the one who decides how much time you are willing to put towards them.

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